“Passion inspires and leads to evolution.

In 2018/2019 RA-studio was planning a series of international trade fairs for Italian companies of excellence interested in opening new business routes with foreign markets.

The first event, scheduled for October 2020, was located in a Polish Trade Fair Board with an important exhibition space of 9,000 square meters that would host products and companies from Italy.

But the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, changed history…

So what do we do?

WEAREITALY was born: the permanent international exhibition project online, interactive and virtual in 3D that is alongside the traditional physical exhibitions present; a futuristic and innovative solution that allows you to be present at the event… without being present.

For all intents and purposes, WEAREITALY is a great opportunity for exhibiting companies and visitors to create business (even around the world) without having to move from their headquarters.

Participants can “visit” (h24, 7/7 days, 365 days/year) the stands specially designed for each exhibiting company with high definition 3D realizations receiving the emotion and professionalism of the physical presence at the fair.

WEAREITALY provides a series of real-time “multiconnections” that allow companies to dialogue and present their products in a highly “interactive and virtualized 3D” context.