Permanent international exhibition online, interactive and virtual in 3D that allows Italian companies to exhibit their products and / or services throughout the year, with continuity, and thus to do business in B2B with other international companies.

The Fair is open to the public 24 hours, 7 hours, 365 days a year.

Exhibition space from € 0,69 + VAT per day

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The presence on this web platform, which is accessed by visitors (companies and users) from all over the world, gives the Exhibitor Company the opportunity to always be visible and visitable in the “EXHIBITION STANDS” and also to participate in the international presentations of the fair online, exhibiting products and/or services in interactive and virtual stands in 3D.

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Access without obligation to the price list


On the web platform of WEAREITALY (active h24, 7h7, 365 days a year) you will find an EXHIBITION STANDS that offers:

  • Constant Advertising Planning (Social Network and Newsletter)
  • Promo SPOT
  • Stand SILVER
  • Stand GOLD
  • Stand PLATINUM
  • Reception
  • Piazza Italia
  • Meeting Area (offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their products to a wider audience instead of 1to1)
  • Partners Area

– Reception
– Piazza Italia
– Meeting Area (offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their products to a wider audience instead of 1to1)
– Partners Area

Are you a company with a propensity to foreign markets?

In this particular historical moment everything is more difficult (traditional fairs, business trips, meetings in attendance).

Everything “seems” so far away and hard to reach… while, abroad (certainly), someone is looking for the Italian Company (maybe yours too) to do business and to establish collaborations and partnerships.

WEAREITALY is a Trade Fair Event unique in its kind thanks to a highly realistic 3D design solution with high-resolution virtual and interactive environments that provide direct and immediate connections between participants, exhibitors and visitors.

The participation of exhibitors is open to all product categories divided between: food and wine, furnishings, fashion, wellness, more… all online.

The WEAREITALY project offers an innovative service compared to the solutions available on the market.

Interactive graphic definitions with a high realistic effect, connection with foreign markets, visual communication and marketing… are all elements of success in this digital project.

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